Dade Sheriff’s Office Asking for Assistance Locating Stolen Trailer and Identifying Owner of Vehicle


by: Summer Kelley

The Dade County Sheriff’s Office is asking for help locating a stolen trailer and the owner of the vehicle seen on camera stealing the trailer from a Dade County business.

The Sheriff’s Office put out the request for assistance on social media Thursday morning.

“We are requesting assistance with locating the owner of this vehicle, as well as locating a stolen trailer.

This vehicle was seen stealing a trailer from Reeves Heating & Air on Highway 11.
The vehicle appears to be a dark colored mid 2000’s Ford Expedition with a ladder on the roof, and a light colored lower rear bumper.

The stolen trailer is red, with higher metal side walls.

If you have any information on the vehicle or trailer, please contact Detective Chad Payne at (706)657-3233, send us a message, or call your local law enforcement.”