Dade recives a clean audit report with a 59% increase in county assets


At the February meeting of the Dade County Board of Commissioners; a representative of Henderson, Hutchison, and McCullough gave a lengthy presentation regarding the recent audit her company was hired to conduct. For the year ending June of 2021; HH&C found no negative marks, proudly giving a clean report. The major findings were a 59% increase in county assets, a 17% in revenue, and only a 21% in expenditure— due to the county’s previous success, the overall revenue was positive. You can watch the entire report, as well as the rest of the meeting below.

There were a few proclamations during the meeting, as follows:
-February 3rd will be known as “Optimist’s Day,” honoring the people serving for the Dade County Optimist Club
-Friday, February 18th will be recognized as Arbor Day
-February of 2022 will be known as “American Heart Month”
-February 3-7, 2022 was proclaimed Severe Weather Preparedness Week
Mrs. Leisa Cagle was appointed to the Public Library Board.
Commissioner Lamar Lowery asked that the Commission table the Wayside Lane project, prepared and requested by the Dade County Water & Sewer Authority; as he felt the matter was “rushed” and “hadn’t been done due diligence.” The remainder of the commission agreed and the resolution was tabled.

The Commission adjourned to an executive session pertaining to real estate for roughly thirty minutes before adjournment. No votes were called for when they returned.

by Orey Yates