Dade Girls Shine on the Field…the Football Field


                               Caroline (81)

                                   Abigail (82)

The Dade County Wolverines have improved to 2-0 on the young season and that is a look the Wolverines haven’t seen since 2015. In 2015, the Dade County Wolverines under Coach Bradley Warren opened the year with victories over NSM and Robinsville, NC.

This year the Wolverines also have put up 72 points in the first two games of the season. Dade has not scored that many points since 1999 when Coach George Hoblitzell’s Wolverines scored 79 in the first two games while defeating Ridgeland and LaFayette.

But as different as these changes are, there are even bigger changes this year.  This year the Wolverines are 10 for 10 in extra point attempts this season.  That by its self would be different from most years but the kickers are the real story to the extra points.

SO twins Abagail and Caroline Tremmier are providing the exclamation point to Wolverine touchdowns this season.  This obviously brought on some changes in the program.

First, the staff converted the training room into the locker room for the Tremmier sisters.  And that has brought some other changes.  Having the SO girls on the team means that, according to Head Coach Jeff Poston the room smells like perfume instead of sweaty guys.  He also said that one of the sisters told him the other day, “Look, Coach, I got my nails done!”  Coach Poston said he’d pay for their nails if they keep kicking like that!

Here’s how the two sisters ended on the football squad. Last year Coach Poston was watching soccer practice and saw one of the two sisters boot a soccer ball through the uprights from about 30 yards out.  He approached both of them after practice and began talking to them about playing on the football team.

After Poston convinced the girls he was serious, they came out for the team.  Poston said that they have gotten steadily better. As proof of that, the two sisters split the XP kicking duties during the first two Wolverine wins and are 10 of 10 for tagging on the extra points.  Caroline has hit her 5 attempts and Abagail split the uprights with her 5 chances.

If the Wolverines can get some consistency in this area, that will strengthen the offense and help them in those close games! Which by the way, the Wolverines lost 4 games last season by a combined 10 points.  Some stability in the kicking game after touchdowns to allow the coaching staff to feel confident about tacking on the extra points could be a big plus this season.

by Don Walker