Dade Executive Rumley on K-WIN Today; Highway 299 Project to Begin Soon


Dade County Executive Commissioner Ted Rumley made his weekly appearance on the K-WIN Today program, Thursday December 15th.

During his appearance, Rumley made mention about changes related to the traffic pattern on Highway 299. Over the next three-four years, according to Rumley, there will be an ongoing project to widen the highway to 3 lanes. Rumley met with the Northwest Georgia’s area engineer, Grant Waldrop during the rain; the two discussed traffic-diversion from the interstate from Hale Town and further. Rumley was assured Waldrop would take on the project, as well as State Route 50/Highway 11 entrance. The interstate between Trenton and the Tennessee line has been put on the back-burner due to higher prices, so the 299 work will be taken on by Waldrop to relieve the traffic to Chattanooga.

Watch the entire interview below.

by Orey Yates