Dade County Schools Weekly Update: Students Recognized for Excellence


Dade County Schools Recognize Students for Outstanding Character Traits

Students from Davis Elementary School, Dade Elementary School, Dade Middle School, and Dade County High School were acknowledged for embodying the virtue of Fairness.

At Davis Elementary School, Parker Maddox, Kalix Tinker, Red Dehlinger, and Ms. Jocie Queen were honored for their commitment to fairness. Dade Elementary School celebrated Ms. Kay Kennedy, Huck Case, Gatlin Keel, Kennedy Alexander, Shelbi Bright, Preslyn Blessing, Brooklyn Wilbanks, Liem Crider, and DES Principal, Ms. Melissa Valtierra, for their outstanding demonstration of fairness.

Dade Middle School recognized Mr. Brandon Ballard, Morgan Mentzer, and Tyrone Blevins for their exceptional commitment to fairness. At Dade County High School, the character award for fairness was bestowed upon Chris Sutton, Katie Stone, Kimber Vaughn, Madelyn Cuzzort, Jessica Jolly, Makayla Dunn, Ethan Spencer, Mr. Matt Sweat, and Ms. Allison Vice.

Weather Make-Up Days Announced for March 28th and 29th

To compensate for instructional time lost due to inclement weather, Dade County Schools has designated March 28th and 29th as regular school days for both students and staff. Initially, March 28th was scheduled as a half-day for students, and March 29th was an In-Service day. Parents with questions or concerns are encouraged to reach out to their child’s principal. The decision aims to ensure students receive the necessary educational hours.

Chorus Students Represent Dade County Schools at University of Georgia

Congratulations to the talented chorus students of Dade County Schools who will be representing the district at the University of Georgia in February. Axl Chaney, Nayla Smith, Drake Blevins, Trent Dunn, Rock Chaney, Zoie Gibson, and Jack Dupree will showcase their musical abilities among the state’s top singers. Good luck singers!

DCHS Career Fair Invites Area Employers to Register

Dade County Schools, in collaboration with Alliance For Dade, is set to host the 2024 Career Fair on Wednesday, April 17, 2024. Area employers are invited to register for the event, providing an opportunity to engage with approximately 450 students. Interested employers can register on The Alliance For Dade website.

Father-Daughter Dance Scheduled for This Saturday

Dade Elementary encourages fathers and daughters to attend the upcoming Father-Daughter Dance on Saturday, February 3rd. This will be from 6pm to 8pm. Tickets can be purchased at the DES front desk.

DC Connect Provides Two-Way Communication

Dade County Schools introduces DC Connect, a two-way communication tool for parents and community members. The platform allows users to share compliments, suggestions, or questions. Those interested can access the electronic form on the school’s website.

Upcoming Events and School Board Meeting

For the latest events and updates, the district calendar is available on the school’s website. Additionally, the Dade County Board of Education will hold its regularly scheduled monthly meeting on Monday, February 26, 2024, at 5:00 p.m., located at 52 Tradition Lane Trenton, GA. 30752. Details of monthly meetings can be found on the school’s website.