(UPDATED) Dade County Schools Tighten COVID-19 Procedures Starting Today August 16


New COVID19 Procedures go into effect today Monday August 16. Rising numbers of COVID19 has caused the School system to update the guidelines. The big changes are in quarantine procedures and temperature checks. Below are the full guidelines. Dade County School Superintendent said the guidelines are subject to change. He did tell us that three grades; 1st, 3rd, and 4th at Davis have been sent home with Chrome notebooks to do at-home learning, essentially quarantining the three grades for a week. According to Ingle, no other school or any other grade level at Davis is affected at this time.

2021 2022 COVID19 Procedures
Although masks are optional for students and staff, CDC recommends masks indoors. Therefore, students are
encouraged to wear masks during transitions and on the bus.

Individuals that have been vaccinated for COVID19 and are exposed to someone with a confirmed COVID19
case are NOT required to quarantine
Individuals that have NOT been vaccinated and are exposed to someone with a confirmed COVID19 case at
school will NOT be required to quarantine if they meet both of the following conditions:
Both individuals were wearing a mask during the close contact or at least one was wearing a
N95 / KN95; AND
Both individuals maintained social distancing during the encounter
If several individuals in a class become symptomatic, we will contact GaDPH for additional guidance
Individuals that have been vaccinated and are exposed to a confirmed COVID19 case within the same
household are not required to quarantine, but should follow GaDPH guidance
Individuals that have NOT been vaccinated and are exposed to a confirmed COVID19 case within the same
household should quarantine according to GaDPH guidance
Individuals that have tested positive for COVID19 within the past 3 months and recovered are not required
to quarantine or get tested if they do not develop COVID19 symptoms
Contact the school’s principal and/or nurse if a student tests positive for COVID19
Notifications will be sent if a student/staff in their child’s class(es) tests positive for COVID19
DCS will post COVID19 data on the district website at https://www.dadecountyschools.org
Dade County Schools will follow the GaDPH guidelines which require individuals who test positive to remain
isolated for 10 days from the date of symptoms, and remain feverfree without fever reducing medication for 24
hours prior to returning to school.

GaDPH recommends COVID19 vaccinations, however, they are not required for staff and/or students. For
information about COVID19 vaccinations, visit: https://dph.georgia.gov/covidvaccine

Temperature scans may be checked before entering the building
Schools may limit large group gatherings in common areas to help with social distancing
(cafeterias, gyms, auditorium, etc.)
Enhanced cleaning measures will continue with high impact areas being disinfected throughout the
school day
Ecovasive treatments will be conducted during the school year throughout the DCS facilities
Dade County Schools will continue to encourage social distancing
Dade County Schools encourages individuals to continuously wash hand and use hand sanitizer
Visitors will be limited during school operating hours; appointments are recommended

We will closely monitor the COVID19 cases in our schools and throughout the community as we return to
inperson instruction. We will update our website as new information become available.
The above procedures are subject to change as new information becomes available.