Dade First Family Connection, in a collaborative project with several partners in Dade County, is going strong with the “Dade County School’s Care Closet.” The Care Closet is an initiative to be able to provide local students and children access to the clothing they need. The Care Closet strives to provide clothing of all shapes, styles, and sizes to children who need clothing for all manner of reasons: lack of access on their own, accidents at school, or children who have grown out of their clothes.

Each month, the Dade First Family Connection focuses on a different item of dress that citizens may donate at any of the above locations; June’s item is shorts. As a reminder; the Care Closet accepts NEW clothing only.

Alternatively, monetary donations are accepted by Dade First Family Connection directly via mail or Venmo. Monetary donations may be used to buy rare sized clothing for specific individuals, fund the washing and drying process, or for any number of services the project provides.

Questions should be directed to Martha Baker at 423-509-1260 or by emailing

by Orey Yates