Dade County in Line for $100K Federal Funding for National Park Land


On Thursday’s K-WIN Today program, Dade County Commissioner Ted Rumley announced that Dade County would be receiving grant funding for national park land. During a meeting with the Association of County Commissioners, the Northwest Georgia commissioners were made aware that counties hosting federally-owned land were entitled to compensation based on the acreage. According to Rumley, there are almost 400 acres of battlefield land that exists within Dade County. In this case, Dade County will be able to apply for around $100,000 due to the property.

Rumley also stated that the 0.01 LOST negotiated between Trenton, Dade County would remain unchanged; this negotiation takes place every ten years.

You can see the full interview below; the County Commission will meet Thursday night, with a work session beginning at 6 pm the regular meeting begins at 7 pm.

by Orey Yates