Dade County High Adds Saturday School

Dade County High school has opened up for Saturday School to let Students catch up on work.
Below is all the Info.
DCHS Parents: Is your student behind? Did their progress report show they weren’t working quite as hard as they said they were while on virtual? Consider referring them to Saturday School tomorrow from 10-2. Use this form to sign them up. We will be back 5 days a week on Monday so this is a great chance to fill in some gaps! Here is the form: -Mr. F

Here is the email that we just sent out to the students that have been referred for Saturday School: Wolverines,
If you are getting this email, you have been referred to Saturday School for tomorrow. We will have an English teacher, math teacher, and a principal that is pretty good with science and social studies (me)! Here are some more details about what we hope to accomplish…
Come in the front doors of the school and enter the Media Center from the Main Hall. We will get started at 10am and will go until 2pm. If you get everything done, you can leave early with parent permission.
Here is what we will provide:
*A quiet, comfortable, and organized place for you to work
*Teachers with backgrounds in all 4 core content areas to help you make the most of your time
*Great WiFi
*Little Caesar’s for lunch
What you will need:
*Bring your Chromebook (charged) and any materials you may need to complete your assignments
*Log in to Google Classroom and Infinite Campus ahead of time so you can get the most out of your time (what assignments do you need the most help on and what can you accomplish on your own)
*We want you to leave feeling proud of what you have been able to accomplish!
See you tomorrow!
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Here is some more information on Saturday School. If you would like to sign your student up for extra support, please fill out this form:
If not, that’s okay too! We are just trying to support our struggling Wolverines!