Dade County Continues Record-Breaking Unemployment Lows


This time last year, Dade County was one of several Northwest Georgia counties enjoying record lows in their unemployment rates with a decade-low 2.7% unemployment. This means that last year, Dade’s population of available workers was around 8,000 capable individuals, and only 217 were not working.

As of the most recent findings, published this week by the Georgia Department of Labor, Workforce Statistics & Economic Research, that number continues to drop.

Dade County with 8,032 in its labor force has 7,852 of those individuals working: meaning only 180 unemployed individuals: 2.2% unemployment.

Chattooga: 8,870/9,215 = 3.7% unemployment.

Catoosa: 32,424/33,189 = 2.3% unemployment.

Walker: 30,216/31,021 = 2.6% unemployment.

The Northwest Georgia region as a whole stands at 2.7% unemployed.

by Orey Yates