Dade County Board of Education to Postpone Davis New Building Construction at Monday’s Board Meeting


The Dade County Board of Education will hold their regularly scheduled November Board Meeting at 5:00 PM on Monday, November 14th.

On the agenda for Monday’s meeting, the Board of Education has listed the action item of “Postpone Davis and any other New Building Construction.” Notably, the school board was called out by Commissioner Philip Hartline during the November 3rd County Commission Meeting for, according to Hartline, not fulfilling their promise to the Davis community in rebuilding the school.

During the public input section, General Bob Woods spoke as a former member of the Board who served while the aforementioned promise was made. General Woods expressed memory of how many members of the public had shown up in support of Davis School. Woods expressed that, when the Board makes a promise, they ought to keep it.

The Board of Education Meeting is open to the public. It begins at 5:00pm at the Dade County School Board building and will feature a Public Input section. Those who wish to speak will be required to sign a paper before the meeting.

by Orey Yates