Dade Commission Considering Changing Local Alcohol and Beverage Ordinance


The Alcohol and Beverage Control Board have officially approached the Dade County Commissioner’s Office with a request to amend local ordinances concerning local alcoholic beverage sales. If altered, special catered events such as weddings and festivals could acquire permits for the sale of bottled or canned alcohol beverages. The proposed amendments could see massive rippling effects to the local venues that have moved into our county in recent years.

Commissioner Rumley stated a vote will take place in an upcoming meeting to decide whether to approve/disapprove an amendment.

Nathaniel McDaniel and Adam Gann, founders of Valley Vibes Music & Arts Festival (Sept 3-5th, 525 Doyle Lane.), approached the council to discuss the benefits of the change in current legislature. McDaniel and Gann expressed the concern that festivals with the antiquated ‘B.Y.O.B’-style alcohol systems cause the event staff (professional security officers, as well as a trained suite of bartenders) to be unable to monitor the consumption of the crowd at the venue.

Dade County received the first half of their American Rescue Plan coronavirus fiscal recovery fund; approved recently by the Biden administration. In total, the county will receive an approximate $3.1 million in relief for lost revenues during the pandemic. The United States Treasury hasn’t filed official rules for distribution; however nearly 200 pages worth of documents which accompanied the relief covered such topics as essential workers, broadband networks, utilities. The commission  agreed to follow the lead of the other counties who have received this relief– wait to see how it is allowed to be used before spending it. Any unauthorized spending of the funds will result in a refund being requested by the Treasury department.

June 17th at 5pm, there will be a hearing to approve the 2022 county budget. The committee will be looking to finalize this budget on a tight schedule, as the fiscal new year is in July. However, it is of the utmost importance as this designates what the county spends revenue on in the 2022 fiscal year. Subsequently, there will be a special meeting to adopt the 2022 budget on June 24th at 5pm. Both events are open to the public and will be held at the Dade County Administrative building (71 Case Ave)

You may look at the proposed budget below

By Orey Yates