County Seems to Be Moving Ahead with Water Authority’s Offer on Reserve Property


Last month, the Dade County Water & Sewer Authority, in a public meeting, voted to let the County take over the payments of the property on Sales Lane that was purchased for a water reservoir. Currently, the property is on a 2% loan through the Georgia Environmental Finance Authority (GEFA).

Recently on the KWN Morning News, County Executive Ted Rumley laid out his thoughts on how the county would be moving forward if they were to take up the Water Authority’s offer. The full interview with Executive Rumley is posted below.

The executive reaffirmed that, regardless of whether or not the Board of Commissioners decide to take over the property from the Water & Sewer Authority; the Sales Lane property needs to stay within the hands of the government. “It’s the future, and it’s the most ideal spot in the county (for a reservoir),” says Executive Rumley.

Rumley stated that he doubts the commission will talk about the Water Authority’s proposal during their December meeting. “It’ll be after the first of the year before we discuss it.” But if the County were to take over possession of the property, they will start the process of permitting very soon afterwards. The executive said that, according to who he’s talked to within the EPD, the process won’t take “years and years,” as most people seemed to believe, because they won’t be blocking the flow of water with the damming process.

When asked if he saw the water supply to be an issue within the next 50-60 years, Rumley replied, “It sneaks up behind you. Our job today is to try and protect and look out for the future…. It will be needed in the future.”

This project won’t just be for water access, says Executive Rumley. “It’ll be a nice recreational area where you can park and go fishing or take your kids fishing.” There will be creek access for canoeing/kayaking. When opened, it’ll be a nice free place where a family can enjoy a day.

by Orey Yates