County Executive Ted Rumley Discusses Property Sale and New Election Facility on K-WIN Today


Executive Commissioner of the Dade County Board of Commissioners, Ted Rumley made his weekly appearance on the K-WIN Today program this Thursday. On the program, he spoke about the land auction that Dade County hosted over the weekend, just after ten on Saturday morning. The 32 acre plot was divided into tracts and sold for a total of just over $253,000 for the county, according to Rumley. According to Rumley, the buyers all planned to place housing on the tracts; “putting that land back on the tax roll.” The proposed housing will generate tax revenue for both the county and the school board, which it had not been previously.

As far as what the money will be used for, according to Rumley the money from the land sale will have paid for the property and half the building that will host the new election facility. The facility is well-designed, handicap-accessible, and has a good flow to parking, says Rumley. In addition, candidates will not be working within the election facility. Rumley is hoping that the facility will be built over the summer months and, hopefully, be functioning before the November elections.

Watch the entire interview with Executive Rumley below:

by Orey Yates