Commissioner Lamar Lowery Intends to Propose Local Law Concerning Constitutional Carry

Dade County Commission set to meet Thursday night for their regular January meeting.
One of the items on the agenda is a new local law proposed by Lamar Lowery. This comes on the heels of yesterday’s announcement that Georgia Governor Brian Kemp plans to pass “Constitutional Carry” as a state-wide law. Commissioner Lamar Lowery sent the below statement to the Mountain Valley Independent expressing his intentions.
If you would like to watch the meeting live, it will be streamed live on the KWN News Now Facebook page.

From Lamar Lowery:

“The last time I had my concealed weapons carry permit renewed, the first thing I noticed was that it no longer said “concealed” but is now a Georgia Weapons Carry License.  That made me realize that our 2nd Amendment right to have and bear arms is slowly being eroded away.  I have prepared a resolution for support of constitutional carry to be presented at the January 6 commission meeting.  There are several references to the US Constitution and to the State of Georgia Constitution in the resolution as well as some statements about permit requirements such as, being required to have a weapons carry license takes away a constitutional right and turns it into a privilege.  Citizens who legally possess a firearm should be able to carry open or concealed without a permit.  Based on evidence from our state and other states, a permit requirement does not make our citizens safer because criminals do not follow the law.  Georgia should join the growing number of states and pass constitutional carry legislation, meaning that the constitution is our permit to carry.  At his last event in Dade County, Senator Jeff Mullis said that he is working on legislation for constitutional carry and  State Representative, Mike Cameron, is a co-sponsor of HB2 for constitutional carry.  The commissions resolution is to show support for this legislation.

I have also been working on a new local law that will protect our right to have and bear arms from federal intrusion.  I have the support of my fellow commissioners as well as Sheriff Ray Cross, I will need your support on this also.  More information on this will be coming in the next few weeks.”


by Orey Yates