Commission Gets Good News From Auditors and Recognizes Local Optimist Club


The Dade County Board of Commissioners met Thursday, February 2nd for their monthly Workshop at 6:00pm and Regular Commission Meeting following at 7:00pm.

Commissioners received a good report from Henderson, Hunterson, and McCullough regarding the year end audit. Alicia Jewell presented their findings to the commission. Jewell said that the county was in great financial shape. Dade currently sits on a general fund balance of about $3,623,820 with an overall total fund balance at $8,548,284.

The Commission approved SPLOST expenditures including a request from The Sheriff’s Department to buy a new vehicle, a 2023 Ford Explorer 4WD, and the necessary lights, cameras, and other necessities for it in the amount of up to $48,327.88. The Industrial Development Authority had requested funding for the acquisition of new land for future industrial and commercial expansion which was also approved.

A Slygo resident who was identified as Mr. Miller got up to request the help of the County Commission regarding an issue with the septic system. Mr. Miller began by simply bringing a request for a compost or an incinerator septic system. He has had two houses built, but has been waiting for a month on a civil engineering drawing.  There was not vote on the matter as the Commission does not have jurisdiction, but Commissioner Rumley wanted to allow Mr. Miller the opportunity to make this matter known.

During the regular meeting, many great things that are happening in our county were touched upon including activities at the Dade County Public Library and the Dade extension of the UGA 4-H program. The Alliance for Dade reported on their activities and stats. And finally, the Dade County Historic Preservation Commission spoke about the restoration of the old Court House as well as upcoming events for Dade residents to look forward to.

County Commissioners gave their reports, including Commissioner Lamar Lowrey (District 1), who is back in the saddle again after recovering from medical issues. These reports can be viewed at the beginning of the regular meeting.

Don Townsend, Dade’s County Finance Officer gave the rundown of Dade’s Account balance. As of January 31, 2023, Dade has a total general fund balance of $3,910,053.

County Commission made several proclamations and designations as well:

  • February has been proclaimed American Heart Month, and want to encourage all citizens of Dade County to “Go Red” Friday, February 3, 2023
  • The third Thursday of February has been proclaimed as Arbor Day with the request that citizens consider planting a tree in honor of Arbor Day
  • The week of February 18th – 25th has been designated as National FFA Week
  • The week of February 6th 10th has been proclaimed “SEVERE WEATHER PREPAREDNESS WEEK” in Georgia, and encourage Dade’s citizens to
    become more aware of severe weather safety measures and to participate in the various awareness programs

The Commission also honored the Dade County Optimists Club, and proclaimed the first Thursday of every February as Optimist Day.

The Dade County Optimist Club present for the proclamation of Optimist Day

By Matt Wheeler


You can view the full Workshop and Regular Meeting below!