During January’s scheduled monthly meeting of the Trenton City Council, Mike Norris attended his first city council meeting after being elected Police Commissioner. Terry Powell attended the first meeting of his new term as Parks & Recreation Commissioner.

Mayor Alex Case announced that the City of Trenton will start the process of implementing a tiered payment system for industrial sewage within the city. Case states that Trenton’s sewer system was built with a smaller municipality in mind; and as more industry moves into the city, the sewage involved is putting a major stress on the current system. Over the last few months, the City has realized that the sewage system is severely antiquated and they need to upgrade immediately. According to Case, the additional payments collected from industries using waste facilities will help the city upgrade their system to be able to handle the stress. No date was given as to the improvement of the sewage facilities, as the City is waiting for their engineering firm to give them the price on an upgrade.

As liquor was passed during the past election, Mayor Case says the City has asked attorney Ron Womack to draw up a preliminary ordinance draft. The commissioners will continue to discuss the zoning ordinances, how many stores will be allowed to sell liquor in the city, the process of choosing who will be allowed to open said stores, and what procedures they will have to go through to be able to apply for a permit to operate in the city.

Commissioner Mike Norris introduced Officer Craig to go over the new Dragon Eye LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) speed detectors, that are now in operation by the Trenton City Police Department.

Spencer Pennington was announced as the new Youth Education Coordinator for the Dade County Public Library. His start date was announced as January 19th; with student activities soon to be starting back up. No date is set yet for those activities.

A number of questions were asked during the citizens participation. We have provided the full video of the meeting below:

by Orey Yates