Brush Fire Damages Structures and Vehicles in New Home During Severe Wind and Fire Advisory

A brush fire on Ivy Road in the New Home area was assumed to have been successfully put out; however high winds spread the fire throughout the area after the fire was left unattended. According to New Home Fire Department, a total of three vehicles were completely lost alongside a single-family dwelling that suffered significant structural and heat damage. A total of 7 acres of land were effected as well.
From Chief Dennis Kelley via the New Home Fire Department Facebook page –
“On behalf of Chief Dennis Kelley of the New Home Fire department we thank the members and other departments from Dade County for the assistance on Ivey road today in the New Home Community. A brush fire previously started and assumed to be out with the high winds, led to where vehicles were parked subsequently involving three vehicles / complete loss and significant structure damage to a single-family dwelling and heat damage to an adjacent property structure. Without the teamwork and the passion this event could have been more damaging to the homeowners and property owners. As stated no loss of life just property.”
As a reminder; please check your area’s weather and fire advisory before doing any controlled burns.
by Orey Yates