Both The Dade Commission And The City Of Trenton Set To Hold Special Called Meetings Today [8-26-21]

The Dade County Board of Commissioners will meet at 4pm this evening for a special called meeting. One of the two items on the agenda is the amendment of the Alcohol and Beverage Ordinance. The Alcohol and Beverage board met on Wednesday night to finalize their position on the amendment.
The Trenton City Council will meet this evening for a special called meeting. The only item on the agenda is a moratorium; presumably excluding any future construction projects that fall under the recently defined description of a ‘motel’ as proposed by the City Planning Commission at the last regular meeting. The definition of ‘hotel’ is currently under review by the Planning Commission, with guidance from the Northwest Georgia Regional Commission. The meeting is set for 5 o’clock
By Orey Yates