Bart Bryant, The Democratic Candidate for the 53rd State Senate Seat in Georgia Announces Candidacy

To the citizens of Dade County, hello! I’m Bart Bryant, the Democratic candidate for the
53rd State Senate seat in Georgia. I was born and raised in Chattooga County and have
lived there all of my life. I currently live in Menlo, a town very near and dear to my
I’m announcing myself now because I ran unopposed in the recent primary. I want to
congratulate my opponent in November, Senator Colton Moore, on his recent primary
victory as well.
I will not make a lot of promises that I can’t fulfill. After all, as a single state senator,
there’s little to nothing I can do by myself. I do however promise you that before and
after being elected, I will always show proper respect and courtesy for everyone; for you,
for other citizens, and for the other lawmakers I have to work with, regardless of which
party they are in. If a lawmaker doesn’t do that, as we have seen, being one isolated
lawmaker out of 56 is all that he will ever be and will do little for his constituents.
I will listen to the people before casting any vote.
I will do everything that I can do to help police officers and other first responders. As a
former peace officer I know about the benefits that they deserve and the split second
decisions that they must make. They have our backs every day and I intend on having
Likewise, I will do everything I can to support our Georgia school teachers. They are
helping to bring our children into adulthood and deserve all the support and respect we
can give them.
I am a strong supporter of labor and the common working person. I am also a strong
supporter of the Second Amendment in regards to legal gun owners.
Respect. Courtesy. Service. Hard work. Public educators. First Responders. Second
Those are my positions and beliefs in a nutshell.
Give me a chance and I’ll show you what I’m about.
Bart Bryant
Democratic Candidate
53rd District, Georgia State Senate