Advanced Voting Ends Friday, May 20th; General Primary on May 24th


Advanced voting is in it’s last week in Georgia and Dade County. The last day to vote before the General Primary on May 24th is this Friday. So far, 672 people have voted in Dade County with 31 of those being returned absentee ballots.

Advanced voting through the remainder of this week will be held at the Dade County Commission Center. To vote in the General Primary on May 24th, voters will need to report to the voting locations in their own precincts, as follows:

New Salem Precinct                 

New Salem Community Center

12477 Hwy 136

Rising Fawn, Ga 30738



West Brow precinct                                                                      Trenton Precinct

West Brow Community Center                                                   Dade County Administrative Building

131 Griffin Rd                                                                           71 Case Ave.

Lookout Mtn., Ga. 30750                                                           Trenton, Ga 30752


North Dade Precinct                                                                     Davis Precinct                            

Wildwood Community Center                                                     White Oak Baptist Church/Life Center

63 Wawona Dr.                                                                              5491 Hwy 301

Wildwood, Ga. 30757                                                                   Trenton, Ga 30752


New Home Precinct                                                                  South Dade Precinct

New Home Community Center                                                    South Dade Community Center

3565 New Home Rd                                                                   263 School St.

Trenton, Ga. 30752                                                                     Rising Fawn, Ga 30738

Additional satellite voting locations will be open through Friday, May 20th in Walker County. In addition to he Courthouse in LaFayette and the Chickamauga Civic Center, satellite voting locations include Georgia Northwestern at Rock Spring, the Rossville Civic Center and Lookout Mountain City Hall. Hours to vote are 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. All Walker County voting precincts will be open on primary election day, that’s Tuesday, May 24th… from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m.

by Orey Yates