2022 Debate Held at Dade County Library: See Where the Local Candidates Stand on the Issues


Local and State candidates who have qualified and will be on the ballot in the 2022 General Election primary on May 24th appeared this Tuesday at the Dade County Library for a political debate, sponsored by the Dade County Republican Party. K-WIN and the Mountain Valley Independent have brought coverage of these debates for many years.

The candidates appeared as follows:

For County Commissioner, District 1; Incumbent Lamar Lowery opposed by Chris Wade

For County Commissioner, District 2; Incumbent Phillip P. Hartline opposed by Patrick Hickey

For State Representative, District 1; Incumbent Mike Cameron opposed by Jackie Harling

For State Senator, District 53; Steven M. Henry and Colton Moore.

The County Commission debates went by smoothly with both parties being respectful and often agreeing on changes that are needed locally. However, when matters turn to a tumultuous Georgia at the state level, some of the questions and answers sparked a bit of controversy between Senate candidates.

Watch the entire debate and decide for yourself below. Make sure your voice is heard in the primary on May 24th.