Study Links Babies Born Via C-Section to Chronic Diseases; Can Chiropractic Help?


Millions of mothers prepare to give birth every year. Childbirth represents one of the most amazing moments and gifts experienced by any parent. Expecting mothers and fathers usually respond to questions about a preferred baby gender with greater hopes that the baby comes out healthy and with all fingers and toes accounted for. Parents tend to value a healthy delivery over all other variables.

A recent study evaluated two million full term children born via cesarean (C-Section). The study analyzed chronic immune disease records over a 30-year period. The study concluded that children delivered via C-section experienced significantly increased risk of asthma, systemic connective tissue disorders, juvenile arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, immune deficiencies, and leukemia compared to non-cesarean delivered infants.

Two primary mechanisms help explain why chronic disease and C-section birth have a direct relationship. The first pertains to mechanical stress placed on the upper cervical spine of the baby during the birth. This type of stress has proven to interfere with central nervous system function through vertebral subluxation in the upper neck. The second component of a C-section birth contributing to poor health outcomes involves disruption of the digestive system. A major aspect of immune health directly connects to the balance of bacteria and living organisms in the lining of the gut. A baby born vaginally consumes an all-important number of bacteria utilized in the beginning moments of life outside the womb. The bacteria create a specific layer of digestive chemicals and enzymes critical to brain and immune health.

Both issues must be assessed and addressed in children born via C-section in order to minimize or avoid preventable illness. Proper gut assessment and nutritional recommendations for a nursing mother improve gut health in a baby. Scientifically trained Chiropractors use skillful processes to improve mechanical spine-related abnormalities which influence the nervous system. Spinal health plays a significant role in human health because of an intimate connection between the brain and central nervous system. Most healthcare professionals misunderstand the power existing within the structure, function, and overall health of the spine. These components directly relate to all aspects of human health for all ages, especially during the formational days and years of a newborn.

Chiropractors specialize in improving function of the nervous system by detecting and correcting vertebral subluxation in adults, children, and infants. This 30-year study linking chronic disease and C-sections proves a need for all newborns to have a life changing Chiropractic spinal evaluation soon after birth. Parents value a healthy birth above all else during those tense moments in the delivery room. Research proves that a healthy birthday need only be the first of many days full of vibrant life for a every child of the next generation. Chiropractic care works alongside healthy lifestyle recommendations to play a significant role in reversing the effects of delivery stress. Unlock unlimited health potential for children of any age by partnering with Chiropractic care.