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Nancy Pelosi told Emmanuel Macron that she crushes a hotdog every day on Capitol Hill

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi revealed her habit of eating a hot dog every day on Capitol Hill in a conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron last week.

White House responds to Trump demanding to terminate parts of the Constitution after ‘Twitter files’ release

President Biden"s White House condemned former President Trump for calling for the termination of ...

The homeless and the holidays. Here’s how to make a difference

This holiday season may have you thinking about the plight of the homeless. How ...

Non-religious voters becoming larger share of electorate, skew overwhelmingly one way

Non-religious voters continue to increase their influence over the last decade, growing by 10% ...

Bitcoin investor Max Keiser breaks down the fall of Sam Bankman-Fried’s ’empire of fraud’

Max Keiser, investor in Bitcoin and podcast co-host, dives into the corruption behind FTX ...

Alabama News

Illegal winery found in Alabama sewage plant, supervisor suspended

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An Alabama sewage ...

Coronavirus surge leaves only 7% of ICU beds open in this state, hospital official says

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Just days after Alabama ...

Tennessee News

Escaped Tennessee prison inmates found in Florida after manhunt: cops

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Two inmates, who were on the run after escaping from a Tennessee minimum-security facility, ...

Rep. Fleischmann’s Big Idea: How the US can stay ahead of China on nuclear energy

The Big Idea is a series that asks top lawmakers and figures to discuss ...

Chinese reporter calls GOP Sen. Marsha Blackburn a ‘bi—‘

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A senior reporter for China’s state-funded outlet, China Daily, blasted Sen.

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