Woman Finds Paul McCartney Photo-Bombed Her In NYC


Music fan Mae Archie was leaving a Manhattan museum after checking out a rock exhibit before crossing paths with Paul McCartney — and later realizing the "Cute Beatle" actually photo-bombed her. Archie told London's Daily Mail, "(I was) taking pictures in NYC and realizing when I got home, THE Paul McCartney photo-bombed me.' So I just left the MET (Metropolitan Museum of At) to see the 'Play it Loud' exhibit and was legit looking at the Beatles set and everything because I love music. And I wanted to take a cute photo so I took it on the cross walk but I was facing my mom so I never actually saw Paul until I turned around.

She thought she recognized the man crossing the other way on an Abbey Road-like crosswalk as he winked at her: "I made eye contact with him and we stood there for a few seconds and he could tell I was trying to figure out why he looked so familiar. And then he winked at me because he knew I knew and then walked away. So moral of the story I was dumbstruck and Sir Paul spawns at sidewalks."

During his most recent appearance on CBS' The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Paul McCartney spoke about dealing with the very public side of himself: ["Y'know, the thing is, I still am that little kid that grew up in Liverpool. Okay, I got really famous, but in here, I'm still that little kid. So, I'm amazed at the audience reaction and stuff, becasue, it's like, I still don't believe it. And the way I think, just like, when I'm at home, I'm just slobbing out watching television (laughter) — like any. . . like anyone. So, it's kind of 'him' and 'me.' 'Me' is me — that was always in this body and the body's just grown up. And 'him' is that famous guy. He's very famous (laughter)."] SOUNDCUE (:35 OC: . . . he's very famous (laughter))

COLBERT Paul McCartney On Handling Fame :