Although a release date still hasn't been rolled out, we do know the tracklisting to Wolfgang Van Halen's debut album. A video was sent out to Mammoth WVH's mailing list with a clip that showed what appears to be the album's artwork with a 14-song lineup.

We recently chatted with Wolfgang, and he shed light on why he chose to nick Van Halen's pre-fame moniker for his own — and how he always planned on recording his first album: “All I knew is that from a young age, whenever my dad would tell me the story that Van Halen was called Mammoth before, and it was a three-piece and my father played guitar and sang — I was, like, 'God, the name Mammoth is such a cool name, I wanna name my band that when I grow up.' And then the other half was I really wanted to see if I could play everything myself, like Dave Grohl did on the first Foo Fighter album. And so, it was nice to be on this side of it, and be, like, 'I did it' (laughs).”

The tracklisting to the upcoming Mammoth WVH is: “Mr. Ed,” “Horribly Right,” “Epiphany,” “Don't Back Down,” “Resolve,” “You'll Be The One,” “Mammoth,” “Circles,” “The Big Picture,” “Think It Over,” “You're To Blame,” “Feel,” “Stone,” and “Distance.”

Wolfgang Van Halen On Naming His Band Mammoth :