Wolfgang Van Halen Holds His Own Against Online Trolls


Wolfgang Van Halen has faced his online detractors head on — with things getting ugly once again on his Twitter feed. Wolfgang; who has never failed to come back even harder against people that trash him, his music, or his parents — his late-father Eddie Van Halen and Valerie Bertinelli — took exception with a post that slammed him by saying, “Know who you are starting to remind me of — (Donald) Trump. If anyone does something or says something you don’t agree with, you immediately go on the attack with name-calling and other immature replies. You’re hurting your reputation with this trivial BS.”

Wolfgang responded: “Oh get f***ed AND blocked. I’ve got every right in the world to call people scum who release private information about my family. F*** them and f*** you.”

He went on to post: “If you f*** with my family, especially my father who is unable to defend himself, you f*** with me. It’s my job to do so now and I’ll never stop. So if you’ve got a problem with that, you can either learn how to get over it or unfollow me.”

Wolfgang Van Halen told us that his father's illness inspired him to double down his efforts to finish his solo album — with his debut single under the Mammoth WVH moniker, “Distance,” topping the iTunes Top 100 Songs chart.

He talked about the events leading up to the release of “Distance”: “I've been writing my own album for a very long time, and when I did the bulk of recording, ('Distance') was a part of 28 songs that I had recorded. But then it — and a handful of others — just kind of didn't make the cut, so I planned on saving it for later. But then when everything happened, I thought I might finish it and put it out for dad, and have the proceeds go to his favorite charity.”

No title or release date has been announced for the Mammoth WVH's debut album.

Wolfgang Van Halen On Finishing Solo Album :