Previously unseen Super 8 movie footage of John Lennon in 1968 has been unveiled for the new "Look At Me" video for the upcoming "Super Deluxe" John Lennon/Plastic On Band set. Although featured on the 1970 album, the song was actually written around the time of the 1968 footage featured in the clip.

The color and black & white clips are outtakes and B-roll from Lennon and Yoko Ono's first art film, Two Virgins, which was shot at Lennon's Weybridge estate in Surrey, England.

John Lennon's material around the Beatles' 1968 "White Album" marked a creative rebirth — and pointed the way towards his more brutal and soul searching solo works in the 1970's: ["Looking back at it, whenever I comment about writing, I always (laughs) seem to be suffering, whether it was writing 'A Day In The Life.' or whatever. When I comment on every little thing it's like I'm suffering. I always seem to have an intense time writing, thinking 'this is the end' and 'nothing's coming' and 'this is dumb' and how can. . . and y'know, 'this is no good' and all that business."] SOUNDCUE (:20 OC: . . . all that business)

John Lennon On Songwriting Being Intense :