Tom Jones Covers Bob Dylan & Cat Stevens On Upcoming Album


Tom Jones will release his latest album, Surrounded By Time, on April 23rd. The album once again pairs the Welsh legend with producer Ethan Johns — son of legendary Eric Clapton and Who producer Glyn Johns. The collection features Jones covering Bob Dylan's "One More Cup Of Coffee" and Cat Stevens' "Popstar."

A new song on the album, titled, "Talking Reality Television Blues," is directly based on Donald Trump.

Tom Jones posted a statement about the set on his Facebook page, which reads:

Last year, during lockdown and after 5 years of enormous personal changes, I finally found the need to express myself again through my music. So I got into the studio with some great friends and musicians and created a new album! Who expects what is always so completely unexpected? My personal clock started ticking in 1940, and with all the magnificent strangeness of life on this planet both speeding up and slowing down, the album is titled Surrounded By Time.

Each song tells a story that comes from me and reflects my own experience at some time or another. It’s been a helluva ride, and I am really, really proud of this record — it’s a great listen and I hope you take a moment to give it some time. Come along with me on this storybook ride. . .  I guarantee you’ll love it!"

Not too long ago, Tom Jones spoke about the importance of flexing his muscles in the studio: ["Making records, you, you know that you have to have records in order to have new things to present to the audience. So, the making of the record, you have to concentrate, you have to try things in the studio in order to get that record out there. But the best part of those songs is when I do them live."] SOUNDCUE (:18 OC: . . . do them live)

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