The Rolling Stones To Launch Official Candy Bars Next Week


The Rolling Stones will introduce their first official candy bars next week, according to NME. The two selections, a milk chocolate bar called "Brown Sugar," and a dark chocolate bar called "Cherry Red" — after the line in "You Can't Always Get What You Want," will be sold exclusively at the band's official merch website starting on January 25th.

Last year, the Rolling Stones opened their boutique store in London, called RS No.9 Carnaby Street, selling all kinds of group apparel and merchandise.

Mick Jagger said that although the Stones played up their bad boy tendencies during their first decade as a band, he's still amazed at how quickly the establishment chose to embrace the band: ["But, y'know, in a funny way, we didn't really have a (laughs) choice, y'know? 'Okay, I'm gonna be an anti-hero now — now I'm not going to be!' I had no real idea that our kinda slight scruffiness was going to turn into this anti-heroic act. In some ways, we were swept along with the tide, but we helped ourselves propel ourselves along with it."] SOUNDCUE (:20 OC: . . . along with it)

Mick Jagger On The Rolling Stones And The Establishment :