The Offspring Almost Stole Chinese Democracy From Guns N’ Roses


Did you know that The Offspring almost stole the Chinese Democracy album from Guns N' Roses? Back in 2003, Axl Rose had been working on Guns N' Roses follow up to Use Your Illusion I & II and was spending a lot of money on a project called Chinese Democracy for the better part of the decade.

As a joke, The Offspring put together a press releasing announcing Chinese Democracy as the title of their seventh studio album. Dexter Holland said in a statement to MTV, "You snooze you lose.  Axl ripped off my braids, so I ripped off his album title." Axl Rose took the press release seriously and sent the band a cease and desist. At the time, Holland responded, saying, "I don't think we ever seriously considered using that name. But we could have if we wanted because you can't copyright or trademark an album title or a song title. Think of all the songs that are called 'I Love You' or 'Baby, Baby.' "

The Offspring's upcoming album Let The Bad Times Roll is due out today (April 16th).