The Doors’ John Densmore Introduces Official Drumsticks


Despite being on of rock’s most iconic and beloved drummers, the Doors' John Densmore never has his own officially sanctioned pair of drumsticks — until now. Now available through are "The Doors 7A drumsticks." The stick’s handle includes a graphic of John Densmore's signature as well as the Doors logo — with the following specs: Size: 7A Length: 15 inches Wood: Maple Color: Black.

John Densmore said in a statement announcing the signature brand: I’ve been waiting all my life to have a drum stick in my name. I thought, now that I'm almost dead, that the drum companies would step up but… never mind. . . I got to design it myself!

Despite his issues with how his former bandmates promoted their own live acts, John Densmore told us that he'd be proud to play Doors music again with the band's other living member, guitarist Robby Krieger: ["But y'know, in honor of the music, if there was some benefit, like, Live Aid, or whatever. Y'know, Pink Floyd came together a few years ago for somethin' and (if) we got some great singer, like, Eddie Vedder, or whoever — that would be kinda cool. So I'm open."] SOUNDCUE (:16 OC: . . . so I'm open)

John Densmore On Honoring The Doors Live :