Stone Gossard Recalls Being Uneasy For Pearl Jam’s ‘MTV Unplugged’ Set


Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard admitted he was uneasy with the band's 1992 MTV Unplugged appearance. The set was officially released on vinyl last week for Record Store Day, featuring seven tracks: "Oceans," "State Of Love And Trust," "Alive," "Black," "Jeremy," "Even Flow," and "Porch."

During an appearance on Apple's Strombo show, Gossard recalled, "I remember being nervous, but we also had played a lot, so we were pretty comfortable with our songs. I think we were still at a phase where we were I lost confidence a little bit for a few years where I just wasn’t sure whether we were deserving of all this stuff. I remember that we felt that it was pretty good, but we had played very little acoustically. We relied a lot on the noise and the wildness of our shows to generate energy."

Gossard touched upon the band's new "PJ Votes 2020" initiative, in which they've asked their fan base to accept the Take-Three Pledge of "Vote by Mail," "Recruit Three Friends," and "Don’t Wait." He examined, "PJ Votes 2020 is building on a long history of us being active, going back to, dropping the park, registering voters in '90. . . I don’t know what that was, ’92 or something like that. Here in Seattle, all the work that we’ve done in Montana, helping Jon Tester get elected to the Senate and getting to know him, registering voters 2018."

Pearl Jam kicked off the year with the March 27th release of its 11th studio set, Gigaton. The album stalled at Number Five on the Billboard 200 albums list, but topped the charts on the magazine's Top Alternative Albums, Hard Rock Albums, and Top Rock Albums lists.

Stone Gossard told us a while back that Pearl Jam feels like its songwriting is as strong as ever after so many years: ["We're still writing songs in a way that, we don't take it — we haven't started hiring people to write songs for us, or feeling like we can't do it ourselves. And we keep being rewarded for our work that we do with each other and the chances we take in terms of trusting each other and songwriting and collaboration and all that stuff."] SOUNDCUE (:18 OC: . . . all that stuff)

Stone Gossard Says Pearl Jam Still Feels Good About Songwriting :