Stevie Nicks Taps Dave Grohl For New Socially Charged Single


Stevie Nicks is back with new socially charged solo single, tilted “Show Them The Way,” featuring Dave Grohl on drums and a video directed by Cameron Crowe. Nicks' new film, Stevie Nicks: 24 Karat Gold – The Concert, will play for two nights only on October 21st and 25th at select cinemas, drive-ins and exhibition spaces, around the world, with the soundtrack set for an October 30th release.

Nicks spoke about “Show Them The Way,” revealing to Variety, the song is actually 12-years-old: “I did hold it back since 2008, and I just knew that right now, with the presidential election and everything else that’s going on, that this was the time. I hope that this song and its words will be seen as a prayer — a prayer for our country, and a prayer for the world. It’s a pretty heavy song. And I think it’s just a spectacular song.”

She went on to explain, “I hope people understand that it’s nonpartisan — that it’s not for Republicans, it’s not for Democrats. It’s meant to be a moment of peace for everyone, and. . . you know the silly thing where people say 'Can’t everybody just get along?' It’s like, can we just figure a way out of this horrific thing that we have walked into? That’s why I released this now.”

Nicks spoke about the current state of the union, saying, “I just mean what’s happened to the country. Racism in the last four years is so much worse than it was. I’m 72 years old. I lived through the '60s. I’ve seen all this. I fought for Roe vs. Wade; that was my generation’s fight. And I don’t want to live in a country that is so divisive. I go, like, well, if this starts over and there’s another four years of this, then I’m going — but we’re not welcome anywhere. So where can I go?”

Stevie Nicks explained to us that unlike many singer-songwriters, her music doesn't come from hours slaving over a piano: “I write in a journal every night and most of my songs come out of the prose that I write in my journal. Then, I'll write a formal poem to some situation that I've written about. So, I have many, many, many long, two-to-three page formal poems that are ready to be made into songs. What I haven't done is, I don't take them to the piano until I know there's a reason to do it.”

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