Steve Miller Prepping 1977 Live Album & Concert Film


Coming on May 14th will be the new multimedia vault release, Steve Miller Band Live! Breaking Ground: August 3, 1977. The set will be issued on several formats — including a double LP and CD — with the concert being available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

Breaking Ground was captured at Landover, Maryland's Capitol, with Steve Miller recalling, "It captures the band right at the peak after 'The Joker,' and in the middle of Fly Like An Eagle and Book Of Dreams (albums), a stream of hits. We decided to call it Breaking Ground because that’s exactly what we were doing."

When we last caught up with him, Steve Miller told us that unlike a lot of his peers, playing the hits night after night is hardly a hassle for him: ["I don't mind playing those 14 songs as long as I get to do those nine songs that I want to do. As long as I can jam on 'Fly Like An Eagle,' or figure out a way to do something spontaneous — I'm fine. So, my show . . . I'm completely comfortable and happy and satisfied with it. And I don't get tired of doing it. And I do it in moderation. Y'know, I don't go out and do 350 shows, I do 50 shows."] SOUNDCUE (:24 OC: . . . do 50 shows)

The tracklisting to 'Steve Miller Band Live! Breaking Ground: August 3, 1977' is:

"Living In The U.S.A."
"Space Cowboy"
"Shu Ba Da Du Ma Ma Ma Ma"
"Come On In My Kitchen"
"Wild Mountain Honey"
"The Window/Winter Time"
"The Stake"
"Mercury Blues"
"Take The Money And Run"
"Jet Airliner"
"Space Intro"
"Fly Like An Eagle"
"Rock N' Me"
"The Joker"
"So Long Blues

Steve Miller On Trade Off For Playing Hits :