St. Vincent rates Paul McCartney phoning her up among the top moments of her life. The singer/songwriter — whose given name is Annie Clark — covered the former Beatle's recent tune "Women And Wives" on the upcoming McCartney III Reimagined album. The set, which also features Beck, Josh Homme, Damon Albarn, and others supplying new takes on the 2020 McCartney III collection — often in collaboration with McCartney — drops on April 16th.

St. Vincent told NME, "After it was all done and everything, Paul called me to thank me and tell me that he liked it! It was the best moment of my life. . . maybe? I mean, I don’t. . . I don’t know where to put that. One thing that occurred to me was, think about how many hours of enjoyment in the world have happened as a result of Paul McCartney’s music. Lifetimes and lifetimes of hours that people have spent listening to his work. At the end of the conversation he said, 'It’s a great thing that we get to do, this music thing, right?' I was like, ‘Yes Paul — yes it is.'"

Although with every album and tour Paul McCartney is pressed as to whether it's his swan song, he told us that without a doubt, he has no intention of slowing down — let alone packing it in: ["No, y'know, I don't wanna retire. I love what I do. I always said that if people don't come to the shows, I'll do this as a hobby. So, I love it. I have this vision of me aged 90 being wheeled on and very slowly doing 'Yesterday.' At the moment, it's not like that."] SOUNDCUE (:17 OC: . . . not like that)

Paul McCartney On Not Wanting To Retire :