Slash Keeping Busy Writing And Recording On His Own


With Guns N' Roses' road work sidelined due to the coronavirus, Slash has been busy making music on his own. Blabbermouth quoted the guitarist as explaining, “I've just been recording and writing, and doing other assorted odds and ends. But for the most part just writing and recording. It's been a good creative period, I can say that much. I'm pretty much a workaholic and a busybody, so (the pandemic) put me in a situation where I've had to be patient and sit and just create without deadlines and stuff.”

Slash shed light on some of the projects that've taken up his time: “I've been producing horror movies, so I've been busy with that. But mostly just writing new stuff and recording demos. And I've done some session work with different people. I just did a version of 'Love Story' in honor of (legendary producer) Robert Evans, who's a friend of mine who passed away last year. And so we're probably gonna release that online. So I've just been working with different people doing different stuff, on top of the original music for Guns N' Roses and for the Conspirators, which is my band. So I've kept pretty busy.”

Slash revealed to us that told us he's always been a sucker for monsters of all shapes and sizes: “Oh, y'know, all the monster movies, Creature From The Black Lagoon, The Fly, and then went on to, y'know, Alien was a favorite, we talk about The Thing all the time — I mean, all the way up until, y'know, after you had Mike Myers and Freddy Krueger and Jason. Then everything started to get very diluted. But up until then I was pretty much drawn to any monster that looked scary.”

Slash On His Love Of Monsters :