Report: Paul McCartney Releasing ‘McCartney III’ In December


It's looking as though Paul McCartney's long-rumored third “one-man-band” album, McCartney III is on for the end of this year. The new collection will mark the first time “Macca” has handled all the instrumental duties for a full album, since his 2009 Fireman project, Electric Arguments.

In addition to Macca's long-time lead guitarist Rusty Anderson confirming the former-Beatle has recorded a one-man-band album while in isolation, noted historian Allan Kozinn posted more info on his “McCartney Legacy” Facebook page.


McCartney/ McCartney II/ McCartney III

New and old(er) tracks
Coming December 2020
Expect an announcement soon

Back in 1980 when promoting McCartney II, McCartney explained that the one-man-band sessions tracked during the summer of 1979 hardly had the amount of sonic focus and normal studio album would've gotten from him: “If I had known in the end and album was gonna come out where I was gonna have on the credits 'engineered, written, produced, and so and so, by. . . ' Then I probably got worried about those things and thought, 'Well. . .' Y'know, it was just a loon for me, so it didn't even occur to me I was engineering it. And, the 16-track machine was like a glorified cassette recorder, but it's a professional machine. Microphone right into the back of it. And I'd just listen to it back, and if I didn't like it, I'd just move the microphone. So, it wasn't exactly engineering, y'know? It was more, like, moving mics, really.”

Paul McCartney On Engineering ‘McCartney II’ :