Queen + Adam Lambert's recently released Live Around The World concert film will become available to download or rent on Friday (January 29th). In addition to the same tracklisting as the CD, the film includes Roger Taylor's "Drum Battle" with drummer son Rufus Taylor, and Brian May's "Last Horizon" guitar solo.

Roger Taylor posted on his social media platforms, "Hot on the heels of the physical release last year, this compilation of concert highlights captured the world over and chosen personally by Brian May, myself, and Adam Lambert from over 200 shows, will be available digitally to download or rent for the very first time!"

Last year, Brian May said in the original album's announcement: "It seemed the perfect time for us to create a collection of hand-picked live highlights from our Queen shows over the last 7 years with our brother Adam Lambert. It’s a first! The collection climaxes in Sydney earlier this year when, in support Fire Fight Australia, we recreated the complete Queen Live Aid set. It was a historic event for a great cause — with perhaps the highest adrenaline level since the original Live Aid in 1985. It makes me particularly happy that we can now share this unique moment with the whole world."

Although Queen bassist John Deacon has retired from the music business entirely — he still maintains a 25 percent interest in the band's business dealings. We asked Roger Taylor if he and Brian May have remained as close as they were during Queen's heyday: ["Very close. I mean, we are, y'know, what's left of Queen. And, y'know, I saw him yesterday, we had a meeting. We see one other all the time — 'cause there's so much to talk about. Seems like there's more and more to talk about. And we don't always agree all the time, but we are very close, yeah."] SOUNDCUE (:20 OC: . . . are very close, yeah)

Roger Taylor On Relationship With Brian May :