Previously Unseen 1958 Beatles Photo Unearthed


For the second time this year, a previously unseen pre-fame Beatles photo has emerged — this time from the camera of Paul McCartney's younger brother, Mike "McGear" McCartney. The photo — an alternate of the legendary shot he took on March 8th, 1958 when the Quarrymen — 15-year-old McCartney, 17-year-old John Lennon Lennon, and 15-year-old George Harrison — performed at the wedding reception of the McCartney's cousin Ian. The photo appears in Mike McCartney's new high-end book, Early Liverpool.

Earlier this year, a previously unseen black and white photograph of the Beatles from 1959 rehearsing at Pete Best's home was made public.

When we last caught up with Graham Nash he recalled the first time he laid eyes on the Beatles when he and Hollies co-founder Allan Clarke were competing against the Quarrymen during an amateur talent contest: ["The very first time I ever saw the Beatles in 1959, um, they were on a talent show with me and Allan Clarke and they played a Buddy Holly song — 'Think It Over.'"] SOUNDCUE (:09 OC: . . . think it over)

George Harrison admitted that he felt that it was all downhill for the Beatles as a band following their early club days: ["In the Beatles, I think the sad bit came when we got famous. Because before that, we played all them clubs, little clubs all over the place and in — particularly in Germany, we played months and months in these nightclubs. We played eight hours a night. Then it was good, cause you were just. . . everybody was just dancing and drinking, the band was up there just drinking and playing and, y'know, there was no big emphasis on how groovy you were."] SOUNDCUE (:25 OC: . . . groovy you were)

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