Set for publication on August 19th is Police guitarist Andy Summers' first work of fiction with the new book, Fretted And Moaning: Short Stories. The book feature 45 original stories spread over a 288-pages and will beg available in three editions — Classic Hardcover – $45; Signed Hardcover – $175, and Ultimate Hardcover — $450, which includes an exclusive, which includes an exclusive, signed, numbered, and limited Giclée art print of an Andy Summers original Telecaster guitar photograph. The book is available for pre-order now at

According to the press release for Andy Summers’ Fretted and Moaning: Short Stories:

The 45 stories in Fretted And Moaning are as smart, funny, and as wry as the author and his music. Each one involves a guitar and guitarist in some way and introduces a cast of characters who may be familiar to readers and who’ve followed Andy’s career over the past five decades or more.

Not that any of them are about real persons, living or dead, you understand. Every tale has at its heart, someone whose hopes, dreams, loves, hates, failure, success, and circumstances are revealed in uncanny, funny, and often unexpected ways.

Andy Summers told us that the Police's 2007-2008 reunion tour solidified the band's place in not only rock — but popular culture: ["It was a historical band, it was. . . we were all incredibly fortunate to have met one another. And t hat particular time, in those circumstances, y'know, we came up with the music — clearly. The great thing is; in '07-'08 we were able to go out and completely prove it yet again. Y'know, it wasn't just a myth. Here it is. We were that good — and I say that with no ego whatsoever, of course."] SOUNDCUE (:21 OC: . . . whatsoever of course)

Andy Summers On The Police Proving Its Greatness :