Peter Frampton Talking Live To Fans On Thursday


Peter Frampton will be chatting live with fans on Thursday (January 28th). Frampton, who'll be promoting his bestselling memoir, Do You Feel Like I Do?, posted a message on his social media platforms, which read: "You’re invited! I’m going LIVE on my new TalkShopLive channel next Thursday, January 28th, at 11 a.m. CT. If you want to RSVP for my live chat or buy a signed copy of my book, go to"

Although Frampton's years as the top arena rock act were undeniably a blast, as he aged, He looked back at the "Comes Alive" era in many ways as an isolating runaway train — and far different from the way he handled himself as one of rock's most respected elder statesmen: ["If I was on the front cover of Rolling Stone once, it was twice, it was three times, in a very short space of time. And I'm not saying that being on the cover of Rolling Stone isn't a, sort of, pinnacle of success — and there's been songs written about it. But, all those little things that you learn that you shouldn't had done. . .  Very difficult to be in the middle there. It wasn't a band; it was Peter Frampton. It wasn't Humble Pie; it was Peter Frampton. I didn't have three other guys to talk to about this."] SOUNDCUE (:26 OC: . . . to about this)

Peter Frampton, who's now 70, co-authored the new bio with Alan Light, and explained to us how he approached writing the book: ["My sense of humor comes across and also, I don't stop at a certain point. I tell the whole story when it wasn't so great for me. But I think that was important. I didn't want it to be a book about this relationship, that re. . .  It's about my career. My family come in and out of it, but it's not a book about my life with my family, my children."] SOUNDCUE (:21 OC: . . . family my children)

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