Pete Townshend Reviving Live ‘In The Attic’ Internet Series


Pete Townshend fans can rejoice as the Who leader will be bringing back his online performance show, 'In The Attic.' The series, which started in 2006 with Townshend and wife Rachel Fuller performing music inside a camper while on tour in Europe with the Who, quickly morphed into live club hootenanny's — dubbed 'Attic Jams' featuring the couple collaborating with a string of younger artists and veteran musicians.

Over the years, both the camper Internet performances and live gigs, gave fans the opportunity to witness Townshend revisit both his Who and solo songbook, while performing numerous tunes that eluded inclusion in the Who's generally hit-based setlists.

Rachel Fuller announced the return of the series on social media, posting: "We are reviving 'In The Attic' in these unprecedented times. It will be called 'In The Bunker' and will be live. With guests. Here is a clip from 15 years ago. Watch this space."

Pete Townshend recalled to us that performing the 'In The Attic' shows prior to the Who's concerts and during the tour's off-nights helped to liberate him artistically: ["It gives me a place to go which is very different, and the demands are very different. Y'know Roger (Daltrey) was worried, he said, 'If you do this show, you're gonna come on (stage) and aren't you gonna get exhausted?' And I actually found that I would go on with more energy and more detachment — and in a better mood."] SOUNDCUE (:13 OC: . . . a better mood)

Rachel Fuller told us that with both the online shows and live "Attic" gigs — Pete was in his element playing with friends new and old: ["He loved it. He absolutely loved doing it. He loved the live shows, he loved being in the caravan. And, y'know, there wasn't one guest that we had that was any trouble or anything other than just a complete joy."] SOUNDCUE (:13 OC: . . . a complete joy)

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