Jane's Addiction frontman Perry Farrell remains hopeful Lollapalooza will return this summer. Last year, Perry, who co-founded the festival back in 1991 as a farewell tour for Jane's, launched a four-day livestream version of the festival, which in 2005 found a permanent home in Chicago.

During a new chat with iHeart Radio, Farrell explained, "If we can all stay on course, get vaccinated, stay socially distanced and masked up, maybe — please, God, maybe — we’ll get to go to Chicago in early August in one capacity or another. . . If it’s not a giant Lollapalooza, it might be a half-capacity Lollapalooza or no Lollapalooza. But I want there to be a Lollapalooza in some capacity so bad."

Perry went on to say: "But we can only respond to the people. If the people are getting it right and we’re flattening out and we’re going away from Covid infections, there’s hope. I listen to Joe Biden, when he thinks July 4th could be the first time we’ll have a small celebration. I’m gonna say that my first small celebration will be in August, and I wanna have it in Chicago."

Perry Farrell told us what keeps him coming back to work on Lollapalooza each year: ["I don't know, it's something that just got in my blood. Every year, y'know, when it's over, I just kind of think to do it again the next year. And it's just been interesting to see how the country has really, y'know, grabbed a hold of it, attached themselves to it, loved it, stage-dived to it, moshed to it. And then, y'know, I guess the last part of it is I just love putting on parties for people."] SOUNDCUE (:20 OC: . . . parties for people)

Perry Farrell On What Keeps Him Coming Back To Lollapalooza :