Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard Calls Eddie Vedder His Muse


30 years after forming, Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard still thinks of frontman Eddie Vedder and the band with every song he writes. Gossard and Pearl Jam's former drummer, Matt Chamberlin, have joined forces with singer Mason Jennings and keyboardist and singer Britany Davis, for the new group, Painted Shield, which has just released it's self-titled debut.

During a new chat with Kerrang!, Stone Gossard revealed, “I write every song for Eddie, ultimately. He’s my muse. I would love to write 50 songs a year with him, but it’s just not on the cards; it just doesn’t work like that for him. When he’s in a writing process, it’s different than it is for me. I can write all the time. The way Ed really operates, the way that he loves to get music, is for something that’s immediate for you coming in at a time when he’s ready to connect with it.”

Gossard touched upon how Vedder helps turn his material into Pearl Jam songs: “He likes to be in the process with you. So, if I send him 30 ideas, it’s just too much information for him to manage; that’s just not how his brain works. Ed really, really does want to share, so he’s going to pick something from everybody and, in a sense, it really is filtering it through his filter, which is great.”

He added: “If he can see the big picture, and put the puzzle pieces together to make it where he knows it’s right, we’re totally trusting that. He’s our leader. If you have one great moment on a record, you’re like, 'Got it!'”

Stone Gossard told us a while back that as the years roll by, the more the members of Pearl Jam have enjoyed their time together road: “I would say, in general, as we get older and a little wiser that our tours have become more enjoyable. Especially now that we do it in moderation.”

Stone Gossard Of Pearl Jam On Enjoying Touring As They Mature :