Pearl Jam will headline the "Band Together Washington" benefit livestream on March 18th. The band will supply a vintage performance for the event, which will help Washington's struggling musical community, which continues to suffer in the wake of Covid.

Although the event is free, viewers are encouraged to donate to help bring back Washington as a thriving source of art and culture. For more info, log on to:

Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready was asked a while back how Pearl Jam has managed to stay together for three decades: ["With a lot of careful effort and talking to each other, I think, and hopefully having as clear lines of communication between each other as possible. I think we take the time to want to find solutions for the stuff that goes on in our band, if there's issues and problems and things, 'cause I think we love each other, and I know we love each other, and I know I love playing music with these guys."] SOUNDCUE (:22 OC: . . . with these guys)

Mike McCready On What Has Kept Pearl Jam Together :