Paul Stanley Drops First Original Soul Station Track


Paul Stanley has just dropped the new video for Soul Station's "I, Oh I." The tune is one of several originals on the R&B side band's debut album, Now And Then, which is set for release on Friday (March 19th). The album features 14 tracks — five originals and nine classic covers.

We asked Paul Stanley what exactly the allure was when choosing a soul classic for inclusion in the band's repertoire: ["It can be a melodic passage, it can be lyrical. 'Just My Imagination,' it's a beautiful song. Poignant. 'O-o-h Child,' I remember hearing that and just thinking, 'What an optimistic song to be sung by somebody about (how) things are gonna get better and we're gonna finish. . . we're gonna fix, and we're gonna right something that's wrong.'"] SOUNDCUE (:21 OC: . . . something that's wrong)

Paul Stanley On The Allure Of Soul Music :