Paul Stanley Boasts About $1 Million Worth Of Pyro For Kiss Pay-Per-View Gig


Paul Stanley is promising the "Kiss 2020 Goodbye" pay-per-view concert will top all others this New Year's Eve. Blabbermouth reported the show would be streamed live from The Royal Beach at Atlantis Dubai and shot by over 50 cameras with a 360-degree view. "Kiss 2020 Goodbye" is available "via livestream, with a ticket purchase on any computer, mobile device, or Apple TV."

Stanley appeared on the Internet show Kyle Meredith With. . . and shed light on what fans can expect from the band as the ring in 2021: "What we're doing on New Year's Eve is the largest Kiss show — if you can believe that — we've ever done, a worldwide pay-per-view from Dubai. And we will be breaking Guinness world records for all kinds of things. First of all, most importantly, we're gonna play all the songs that everybody loves. And the band is in great, great shape and anticipating this more than pretty much anything we've done in recent past."

He went on to say, "To that end, we'll have a million dollars' worth of pyro, which is even a lot for us, by the way. And if you don't do the pay-per-view, you'll probably hear the pyro anyway. That being said, again, this will be a night for people to remember."

Paul Stanley spoke about the precautions the band is taking for the concert, explaining, "Safety comes first, and taking COVID really seriously up until the time that we have a vaccine, and beyond that, because people need to realize that with COVID, you don't know what you're getting. One person gets the sniffles and somebody else, unfortunately, dies. So, we are taking all that very seriously."

Stanley added: "The most important thing to us was to make sure that people involved — 500 workers putting this thing together, 3,000 people attending at a safe distance, and yours truly — we wanna be safe, and that was paramount to us."

Paul Stanley told us that the things that spurred him and Kiss to super-stardom still drives the band to carry on: ["There's no substitute for the enormous crowds, or the response or the mania that we see and that's directed at us. There's no substitute for me getting up onstage and having 15,000 people calling my name — y'know, all the accouterment, all the stuff that goes along with it. . . the women, everything."] SOUNDCUE (:20 OC: . . . the women everything)

Paul Stanley says he’ll miss the fans most when Kiss officially comes to an end :