Paul McCartney’s Club Dance Moves Inspired Beck Remix


Indie icon Beck revealed that it was Paul McCartney's dance moves that inspired his new remix of McCartney's "Find My Way" track featured on the upcoming McCartney III Reimagined set. The album, which was personally curated by the former-Beatle, drops on April 16th, and "features an A-List assortment of friends, fans and brand new acquaintances, each covering and/or reimagining their favorite McCartney III moments in their own signature styles."

Beck said in a statement, "I remember hanging out with Paul and his wife Nancy (Shevell) several years ago and Nancy mentioned that she wanted to go out dancing before calling it a night. We ended up at some club in West Hollywood and I remember noticing that Paul and Nancy were tearing it up — really enjoying themselves more than anyone else on the dance floor."

Beck went on to say, "I remembered that night and wanted to try to recapture that amazing spirit I felt while watching him on the dance floor. . . sort of my little tribute to Paul in his groove. When I then heard the falsetto vocal in Paul’s original track I wanted to lean further into something really loose and funky — I pulled out my Hofner (because of course) and put down a few bass lines. . . and everything came to life from there."

He added: "The best part of the entire experience, though, came a week after I’d turned in the remix, when Paul called to tell me he’d been dancing in his kitchen to the track all week."

McCartney biographer Christopher Sanford says that despite how history has portrayed him — it was always Paul McCartney that led the way for the Beatles' more experimental and genre-busting musical ideas: ["I think the idea that Paul was the avant-garde one in the band, I mean musically, is an under-explored theme. Y'know, a lot of people have bought into the standard line which was that John was the envelope pusher, John was the one 'out there.' Paul was way more out there than John Lennon was when they were doing Revolver and of course Sgt. Pepper. It was Paul who was coming into the studio with tape loops and saying, 'Let's put these sounds on like seagulls shrieking,' and John looked at him . . . (laughs) 'Well, what's that?' Y'know?"] SOUNDCUE (:30 OC: . . . what's that y'know)

In addition to Beck, artists featured on McCartney III Reimagined are: Damon Albarn, St. Vincent, Josh Homme from Queens Of Stone Age, Anderson .Paak, Blood Orange, Dominic Fike, Radiohead's Ed O'Brien, Idris Elba, Khruangbin, 3D RDN from Massive Attack, and Phoebe Bridgers.

Christopher Sanford On Paul McCartney Being The Most Avant Garde Beatle :