Paul McCartney Teases ‘Find A Way’ Track From ‘McCartney III’


As fans anxiously await the first single released from Paul McCartney's upcoming one-man-band McCartney III collection, the former-Beatle has only whetted fans appetites with a sample tease of new music. "Macca" has posted a 15-second clip of the song "Find A Way" on social media, which touches upon the experimental tones of 1980's McCartney II and his most recent album, the 2018 chart-topping Egypt Station.

Ringo Starr's former producer, Mark Hudson, first worked with Paul McCartney back in 1997. He told us McCartney has more than earned the right to be as experimental as he wants to be: ["There's a weird thing about getting older and being relevant. And sometimes we try to be, 'Oh, we better sound like Coldplay or Radiohead, 'cause that's what's happening now.' And I think that when it comes to the Beatles, they have nothing else to prove other than being what they wanna be. And if they wanna stretch out and try something new, they could do a polka album — 'cause they paid their dues and done their stuff."] SOUNDCUE (:22 OC: . . . done their stuff)


It was 35 years ago today (November 18th, 1985) that Paul McCartney released his last Top 10 hit to date, the theme to the Dan Aykroyd & Chevy Chase comedy, Spies Like Us.

McCartney's title track was recorded during the sessions for Press To Play, which wsa helmed by producer Hugh Padgham, with the single also crediting the legendary Phil Ramone as a co-producer.

"Spies Like Us," which peaked at Number Seven on the Billboard Hot 100 in early-1986, marked the first solo McCartney music since 1982 not produced by George Martin, who had manned the boards for his previous three albums — 1982's Tug Of War, 1983's Pipes Of Peace, and 1984's Give My Regards To Broad Street.

Paul McCartney recalled at the time that with George Martin scaling back his work schedule, he found himself looking for a new producer: ["I liked Hugh Padgham's work, 'cause I'd liked what he'd done with the Police and I'd liked what he'd done with Phil Collins and Genesis. I knew that if I'd worked with Hugh, one thing, like, the drum sound would be good, 'cause he's. . . he really gets a great drum sound."] SOUNDCUE (:14 OC: . . . great drum sound)

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